5 Steps to Get Bigger Arms in 30 Days

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Follow these 5 steps to get bigger arms fast. If you want to grow your biceps and triceps and build muscle on your arms this video will help. I also include a full big arm workout that you can download below.

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Building up your bicep and tricep muscles is what ends up increasing the overall size of your arms. This makes it sound very simple to add inches of size to your biceps and triceps just by following an arm-building routine that gives you the best curl and extension exercises. However, the way you train your arms and the things you do in between your workouts will have a much bigger effect on how fast you are able to build your biceps and triceps. So today I want to go over 10 major tweaks that I want you to apply during the next 30 days, and if you do I guarantee these will help you add mass to your arms far better than relearning the bicep and tricep exercises that you probably already know and are already doing, but I will give you a step by step sample workout at the end anyway so there's no confusion.

So the first step is to start your arm workouts for the next 30 days with your heaviest bicep and tricep exercises first and you're going to focus on upping your weight especially for those first three sets after completing your warm-up. To make it simple, for your biceps, start first with either barbell bicep curls, EZ bar bicep curls, or preacher curls. For your triceps start first with either Dips, skull crushers, or overhead tricep extensions. These are arm exercises that require a lot of energy and allow you to move a lot of weight which is why I want you to try to position them early on in your workout. And your only goal over the next 30 days with these exercises that you start with is to increase the amount of weight that you can lift for 6 to 10 reps. So if you're currently doing your barbell curls with let's say 50 pounds for 10 reps on your first set, I want you to try to move that up to 55 lbs by sliding a 2.5lb plate on each side. Most likely if doing 10 reps of 50 pounds was actually a challenge for you, you won't be able to do 55 pounds for a full ten reps when first moving up. And that's perfectly fine, I still want you to up that weight and as long as you can do at least 6 reps, you're going to work for the next 30 days on closing that gap between 6 and 10 reps with that heavier weight load. Once you get to 9 or 10 reps with that slightly heavier weight load, you're going to up the weight by 5 pounds again and drop your reps, Then repeat the process by building back to your 10 reps. If your only are able to up your weight by 5 pounds over the next 30 days for the same amount of reps that you were doing with 5 fewer pounds on the bar, I want you to understand that you've been very successful with this first step. If you're able to move up your weight by more than 5 lbs then that's even better.

Remember you're going to do this for the first 3 sets of both your bicep and tricep exercises which you're going to be super-setting together throughout the entire workout. That's actually step 2 we're going to turn your arm workout into a push/pull routine. That means that every set that you do for your triceps, will immediately be followed by a set for your biceps with no break time in between. Once you're done with both of them, then you can take a break before repeating the same superset process for your next set. And something that you'll notice right away is that you'll get an incredible pump by doing your bicep and tricep sets back to back. This is because your body will essentially be pumping blood to your biceps and your triceps at the same time, expanding your arms both ways. This increase in cellular pressure can help boost protein synthesis and reduce protein breakdown leading to more muscle growth especially when combined with heavyweight training. But aside from getting more of a pump, supersetting biceps a triceps, will not only help you get your workout done faster, but it'll also allow you to train your biceps and triceps more often during the week.

This is crucial for growing your arms and that's why increasing training frequency is our next step. Over the next 30 days, you're going to make sure that you're training your arms more often. A lot of you are trying to build bigger arms with only 1 arm day per week, and unfortunately, that's not going to cut it. If you're following a bro training split where you are training one muscle per workout there's basically no way that you'll be able to train your arms multiple times per week. On the other hand, a push/pull routine will give you enough time for both your biceps and triceps to fully recover and be trained again within the same week. So at minimum, you should be doing at least 2 arm days per week. A nice push/pull split...

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