10 MIN Fat Burning Workout (NO EQUIPMENT!)

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This 10 Minute Fat-Burning Workout is perfect if you don't have gym equipment or if you WORKOUT AT HOME. These exercises will help speed up your heart rate, and when combined with a solid nutrition plan you'll be burning that stubborn fat from your love handles, belly, and from the rest of your body in no time.

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A lot of you have been requesting another quick, yet effective fat burning workout that you can do at home. And I have the perfect line up of exercises that'll help you burn a whole ton of calories as well as body fat in just ten minutes without the use of any equipment. As we go through the workout I'll be providing specific instructions on how to perform each exercise correctly as well as progression and regression paths for certain exercises to make them easier for those of you that are beginners and to make them more challenging for those of you that are advanced. As you watch, remember that the goal is to do the exercises back to back with no break unless you need one. So with that said let's jump right into our first exercise the kneeling up down. To begin you'll start by lowering yourself into a squat whille keeping your hands in a prayer position in front of your chest. From there you're going to take a step backwards with one foot and lunge down onto your knee. Then you're going to take your other leg and bring that knee down to the ground so that both knees meet. Next you'll step up with the leg you originally lunged backwards on, and you'll complete the movement by stepping back up into that starting squat position. Then repeat. Now I know this may sound super complicated but it really isn't because if let's say you're starting on your left side You're essentially going left right left right or if you're starting on your right side you'll be going right left right left. So looking at it that way it really isn't complicated at all. In total You're going to do one side for 30 seconds before switching to the other side for another 30 seconds. if you'd like to make this exercise more advanced you can start on both knees and explode from there up into a squat position. Then just like before you'll lunge back onto one knee, and bring the other knee on the ground next to it before repeating the explosive portion again. Now, Of course if this exercise is too difficult and you need a regression something that'll really help reduce the burning sensation in your legs, is allowing yourself to lock out your legs when you stand up instead of having to hold that squat position every time you stand back up. Lets move on to the next exercise, push-up mountain climbers. Almost everyone has done these two exercises separately and all we're doing is we're combining them into one exercise that'll really elevate your heart rate while working your chest shoulders and triceps as well. You'll start by getting into a push-up position and from there you'll perform four mountain climbers by hoping one knee up towards your chest and then alternating from side to side. Each time you shuffle your knees it counts as one rep. After you finish the 4 reps you're going to perform a push-up. then go back to the mountain climbers and repeat for 30 seconds. If you want to make the exercise more challenging you can do plyometric pushups or clap ups instead of the regular push-ups in between the mountain climbers. And if you want a regression, you should still be able to do the mountain climbers, but then for the pushup you can drop to your knees and performe each push-up on your knees. Just make sure that your tailbone, the back of your shoulders, and the back of your knees stay in a straight line, rather than sticking your but up in the air. Now regardless of which version you do, as soon as the 30 seconds are over you're going to lay down flat on your stomach and start doing Supermen. This exercise will almost serve as a break helping you catch your breath and slightly slowing your heart rate back down. So, To perform Supermen you'll start with your hands above your head and your legs straight out. Then you're simply going to contract your glutes and back muscles to raise your upper body and your lower body up off the floor at the same time,  and you'll want to hold that position for a 3-second count before returning back down flat on the floor. Again we want to repeat that for 30 seconds. Now, this exercise should be simple enough for anyone to do even if you're a beginner but if you do need a regression you can put your hands to your sides....

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