10 Best Exercises to Force Muscle Growth

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These Exercises will help FORCE Muscle growth quickly. Simply getting stronger at these key exercises over time will help you build muscle much faster. Find out which exercises are best to bulk up for skinny guys or hard gainers that are struggling to gain weight.

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Fitness magazines and ads are always promoting a secret supplement or workout that'll get you ripped muscle in no time. But in reality building muscle comes down to being consistent with your diet and improving at certain key resistance training exercises that聽build the most muscle. Of course, building muscle is definitely not all about finding one magical exercise. But there are 10 staple exercises that you should definitely be doing and聽getting stronger at if your goal is to build muscle and add mass as fast as possible.

So the very first exercise has to be the deadlift. Barbell deadlifts allow you to lift a very heavy load. This load is usually significantly heavier than what you could possibly lift utilizing other pulling movements like pullups, barbell rows, and lat pulldowns. That's why deadlifts are one of the best exercises to widen and thicken muscles around your back like your traps, rhomboid, and lats while also developing your hamstrings and glutes. To perform deadlifts correctly first step up to a loaded barbell, with your shins close to the bar, and plant your feet a little wider than hip-width apart. Hinge your hips by pulling them out from under you and moving them towards the wall behind you as you're bending down to grab the bar. Then grip the bar slightly wider than where your shins meet the bar. From there Stick your chest out, and drop your hips down, while squeezing your shoulder blades together to pull all the slack out of the bar. Then take a deep breath, hold it, and lift the weight up. Try to lift the weight in as聽straight of a line as possible (**) When lifting the weight, don't pull with your lower back. Instead lift the weight by squeezing your abs, pushing your feet into the ground, and hinging your hips by driving them forward until you're standing upright, then exhale at the top, inhale, hold and repeat for reps.

Next is one of the best upper-body mass builders the bench press. Now, these can be done with a barbell or dumbbells to very effectively add mass to your upper body specifically your chest, shoulders, triceps, and your serratus聽anterior (1). To set up the flat bench press you'll lay down on a bench with your eyes directly under the bar. Before beginning, you'll want to retract your shoulder blades and pack them nice and tight together. You can grab the barbell at a closer or wider grip but a good place to start is about thumbs distance from where the knurling starts. From there you'll lift the barbell, bring it over your chest and lower down aiming for your nipple line while making sure not to flare your elbows out too far out. As you're doing this your feet should be planted and you should be聽driving through your legs since this will allow you to lift more weight. You want to make sure that you don't lift your hips off the bench, but you should maintain an arch along your back as you press. After lowering the barbell to your chest press back up and repeat for reps. (1) Keep in mind while Bench pressing with a barbell is great to use a heavier overall load and improve overall chest pressing strength while dumbbells are excellent at incorporating more of a challenge with horizontal adduction as well as unilateral strength. So it's great to incorporate both into your routine
Another very important exercise, probably one of the best for the lower body, is the squat. This is by far one of the best exercises for your quads hamstrings and especially your glutes. If you want a nicer rounder butt you should definitely consider doing weighted squats at least once a week. So to begin you'll want to first unrack a loaded barbell with the barbell resting on your traps. If you're a beginner don't make the mistake of holding the barbell on your neck, it should be lower. Next, spread your feet a little wider than shoulder-width apart while also slightly rotating your feet outward. Before lowering yourself down make sure that your chest is up pointing straight ahead and that you're maintaining that neutral curve in your lower back. Then take a deep breath and hold it as you drive your hips back, bend your knees and lower your body down. As you're doing this make sure you're keeping your weight over the midline of your foot and again maintain that natural lumbar curve the whole time. You want to squat down until your hips are either parallel or a little under parallel with your knees and Then drive through your feet, extend your knees and drive the barbell straight back up. Just like with the deadlifts you want to raise and lower the bar in a relatively straight line....

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