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Go-to-town definition: (idiomatic) To proceed enthusiastically , vigorously , or expertly . Christmas is a time of year when you can really go to town with decorations.

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GO TO TOWN - "Do something exuberantly or efficiently. In England the saying is hundreds of years old but has a different meaning: to arrive or make one's mark where significant things are happening. In the sense of doing something with gusto it is of American origin; probably dating from the 19th century when going to town for an outing or a.

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Go to town. The figurative meaning to do something exuberantly or excessively is originally American and dates from the mid-19th century when going to town for country people meant a special occasion of exuberant or excessive jollity. Go to town Origin and History - The figurative meaning to do something exuberantly or excessively is originally.

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go to town. Also, go to town on. 1. Do something efficiently and energetically. For example, She really went to town, not only developing and printing the film but making both mat and frame . [Early 1900s] 2. Act without restraint, overindulge, as in He went to town on the hors d'oeuvres, finishing nearly all of them.

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Go to town definition: . See examples of GO TO TOWN used in a sentence.

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GO TO TOWN (ON SOMETHING) meaning: to do something eagerly and as completely as possible: . Learn more.


A. to make a supreme or unrestricted effort; go all out b. Australian and New Zealand informal.. Click for English pronunciations, examples sentences, video.

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The town Wainwright refers to in this song is Berlin, Germany, where he met his husband, Jorn Weisbrodt. He made much of the Release The Stars album there. "The song is about going to a city that had already been destroyed and had learned its lesson about the horrors that humanity can inflict," Wainwright told Rolling Stone.

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Definition of you are going to town in the Idioms Dictionary. you are going to town phrase. What does you are going to town expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary.

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Meaning: Someone who goes to town does something enthusiastically and as completely as possible, especially if this involves spending a lot of money. All idioms have been editorially reviewed, and submitted idioms may have been edited for correctness and completeness.

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Go to town definition: . See examples of GO TO TOWN used in a sentence.

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Conclusion. "Going to a Town" by Rufus Wainwright is a profound and introspective song that invites listeners to reflect on societal disappointments and personal struggles. It serves as a powerful commentary on America and its flaws while also acknowledging the individual's ability to carve their own path in life.

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The meaning of GO is to move on a course : proceed. How to use go in a sentence. to move on a course : proceed; to travel to a place; to travel to and stay in a place for a period of time…

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GO TO TOWN ON SOMETHING definition: to deal with something with a lot of enthusiasm or energy | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

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go to town (third-person singular simple present goes to town, present participle going to town, simple past went to town, past participle gone to town) ( idiomatic) To proceed enthusiastically, vigorously, or expertly . She really went to town with the party preparations. Used other than figuratively or idiomatically: see go ,‎ to ,‎ town.

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Both versions (with or without there) are perfectly normal things to ask.But if it is included, only the precise context (i.e. - what was said previously, who you're talking to, etc.) can tell us whether there refers to the location of the party, or the event itself.. Suppose, for example, you're talking to some friends in a pub, and one of them says "This is a really crazy place!