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Collection: HARD TOP TENTS Rooftop Hard Shell Tent. Dog House Tents offers two versions of rooftop hard shell tent. The Ridge Series 2 Hardshell is a four-season tent that sleeps two. Mounting hardware is included along with a three-inch-thick nondeforming sponge mattress. The tent carries a one-year warrantee.

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Effortlessly and safely get your Pups into your Roof Top Tent now thanks to the DOGGO RTT Ramp™! Our utility patented design easily attaches to most roof top tent ladders and safely gets your furry loved ones in and out of your RTT, even when mounted on the roof of a lifted vehicle! It quickly rolls up and out of the way and can be left mounted to the ladder for human use!

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Roofnest offers a diverse selection of roof top tents and accessories for cars and overland rigs. Elevate your experience w/ Roofnest.. our in-house engineers continue to push the boundaries of innovation with each new product release.. 6 Dog-Friendly National Parks Your Dog (And You) Will Love.

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Sleeping Capacity: 4 Person. Seasons: 4 Season. Size (Closed): 47" x 76" x 12" (W x L x H) Size (Open): 76" x 122" x 51" (W x L x H) Sleeping Footprint: 74" x 96" (W x L) Mattress: 74" x 94.5" x 3" (W x L x H) High density Non-Deforming Sponge foam. Condensation Matt included. Rainfly Fabric: 420D Polyester Oxford; PU coated with water.

Rooftop tents can be a game changer for your summer camping, outdoors or overlanding experiences

Roof Top Tents. Our hard Top or Soft Top Rooftop tents from Dog House Tents are great solutions for comfortable camping. Mounted atop your car, truck or Trailer our collection of hard Top or soft top rooftop tents provide aboveground shelter for sleeping, protection from sun and rain, and a calm retreat to enjoy the sounds of nature as you drift off to sleep.

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DogHouse Tents US. 371 likes · 1 talking about this. We import and sell quality rooftop tents, Overland trailers, vehicle awnings, and accessories for ca

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Chase adventure with rooftop tents for cars and trucks from Dog House Tents. Celebrate the outdoors in style with rooftop tents and overland trailers.. Our rooftop tents come in soft top and hard shell varieties. Almost any vehicle can accommodate one of our rooftop tents—cars or trucks become campers with the addition of a rooftop tent.

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Here's How to Get Them Up. Lift them! Depending on the height of your roof top tent and the weight of your dog (or your strength), lifting them up may be the best solution. One of our older dogs wears a vest with a carry handle. This makes it much easier to take them in and out of the tent. If your RTT is mounted over the bed of your truck.

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Roof top tents are often sold with an annex attachment. If not, almost all offer this attachment to be bought seperately. Installation is super easy as they are attached by a zipper near the entrance of your RTT. You can expect the cost to be around $250 give or take.

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It takes like 5-10 min to pop up a tent. Honestly, I don't see the allure of a roof top tent at all. Especially with a dog. I was pondering a rooftop tent for a long while, as well, but the inconvenience with my dog was the ultimate reason I decided not to get one. Smaller dogs may be/have less of an issue, I'd guess.

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The hottest thing in camping is Seattle-based Dog House Rooftop Tents and Trailers —simply stow on your vehicle's roof and off you go. The Summit 3 Series 3-season model compacts down neatly on your car's roof and can comfortably sleep 2-3 people with its 56"x 96" footprint when it's open. The Summit's ripstop 600 Denier poly.

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Dogs naturally adapt to the roof top tent environment, and while it can take a little bit of practice, teaching your dog to safely enter and exit the RTT is achievable through various methods. Popular options include utilizing a non-slip ramp or attaching a dog-specific ramp to your ladder.

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Discover how to elevate your outdoor adventures with the Dog House Tent installation guide! Our rooftop tents for cars and trucks offer comfort and style, al.

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A Rooftop Tent And A Dog… Or Two. Rooftop tents are the innovative camping gear of the decade. These tents take the cake for their contribution to improving the quality of outdoor camping or overlanding by providing features that enhance convenience and comfort. Rooftop tents are tents erected on the roof of a vehicle.

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DOGGO RTT Ramp™. $ 159.99 - $ 179.99. Effortlessly and safely get your Pups into your Roof Top Tent now thanks to the DOGGO RTT Ramp™! Our utility patented design easily attaches to most roof top tent ladders and safely gets your furry loved ones in and out of your RTT, even when mounted on the roof of a lifted vehicle!


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